Our Counter Story

We founded Counterweight Private Wealth to help you see wealth in a different way.

Our values in action.

Too commonly, people pursue wealth for wealth’s sake, absent of a deeper purpose. In reality, it’s no fault of their own. We are told to plan, save, sacrifice and invest for the future without ever defining what that future is. As a result, wealth often becomes the primary objective void of a richer purpose, creating an imbalance.

At Counterweight Private Wealth, we take a different approach.

As an independent advisory practice, we work together to help you understand and meet your mission. Through a meaningful, collaborative and focused process, we aim to identify your deeply held values and help you pinpoint the ultimate purpose of your wealth. Only then can we provide balanced decisions related to tax implications, legacy and philanthropy, risk mitigation, investment management, and many other complexities of financial planning and investing.

Through our approach, you lead with your life. And since life is dynamic – goals and markets change – we walk beside you, in a committed partnership, to help guide and course-correct so that you can confidently follow your purposeful path.

Counterweight Core Beliefs

With time-tested, traditional principles at our core, we have the stability to embrace and defy convention. We are traditional in our values, following a process, investing in the tried-and-true and putting you first. At the same time, we are front-edge and forward-thinking where we should be: in the way we approach solutions, engage and communicate, and embrace new technologies. While grounded, we continually explore and extrapolate to help ensure you are reaching for your goals. What we stand for, always, is our fiduciary responsibility to advice and invest in your best interests.


We believe that open communication should be at the forefront of all we do: in your costs, our compensation, our mutual expectations and our advice.


As fiduciaries, we go to great lengths to help ensure our interests are aligned with yours, getting to know you so deeply that we can confidently guide you, without exception, in decisions that are wholly in your best interests.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability to you, and encourage you to do the same, since a thriving partnership can be achieved only when both parties commit to complete answerability.


Empathy not only involves listening but also a true connection to the person who is communicating.


Without discipline, a plan is merely a wish. We serve as your committed counsel so that the goals you envision can become a reality.


Through multiple decades of expertise and experience, we have uniquely crafted our process to provide clarity, confidence and purposeful decision-making so that you and your family can achieve your wealth balance.


We work with your other professionals to help ensure strategies are coordinated in support of your goals.

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